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In addition to our HM Os, meals are also served at 10 congregate meal sites (senior centers) throughout Belmont County. Hot, nutritious meals are provided in a group social setting Monday-Friday.

Congregate meals offer nutritional and social benefits. The meals served at our senior centers not only let seniors enjoy nutritious meals, but allows them to do so in the company of other seniors. It can be very lonely for seniors who are living independently. When they go to a senior center to have a congregate meal, they meet other seniors and can create friendships and relationships with them. Congregate meals can help build strong and happy social lives for seniors that wish to keep living by themselves.

The Congregate meal program serves individuals age 60 and over, and in some cases, their caregivers, spouses, and/or persons with disabilities. Contact your local Senior Center for more information about the Congregate Meal Program or other services provided by SSOBC.

Make sure you check out our monthly menu to see what we are serving.