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SSOBC’s Home Delivered Meals (HDMs) program is dedicated to providing seniors with the necessary nutritional support to protect them against food insecurity, and to help them continue to live independent and fulfilling lives. Residents participating in the HDM program must demonstrate a need for services. Meals are delivered countywide to qualifying seniors in their homes. Meals are prepared fresh in a certified commercial kitchen, Monday through Friday by experienced cooks. Diverse menus are developed and geared toward senior nutrition. All meals meet state and federal nutritional requirements.

Our professional, caring nutrition drivers deliver meals from specially designed temperature-controlled vehicles directly to our consumers. A wellness check is part of our delivery service. This wellness check is in place to ensure the overall wellbeing of the seniors we serve. When possible, shelf-stable meals are distributed in advance to cover for severe weather days that cause SSOBC to cancel delivery.

For many seniors, SSOBC’s home delivered meals are the first service seniors request when seeking assistance to help them stay in their own homes and live independently. Many seniors live alone and do not have family or neighbors to help shop for, or prepare meals. SSOBC’s HDM services allow seniors, who have difficulty preparing meals for themselves, healthy meal alternatives. Our HDMs can be heated in microwaves or reheated easily in ovens when seniors choose.

SSOBC currently has eleven delivery routes. In addition to home delivery, meals are also served at 10 congregate dining centers throughout Belmont County. The meals served at our senior centers not only let seniors enjoy nutritious meals but allow them to do so in the company of other seniors.
You’ll find our menu under Nutrition Services.
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