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Senior Centers

Offers more than Checkers or Bingo!
Our senior centers are designated community focal points providing helpful resources to seniors and serves entire communities with information on aging. The centers offer independence for local seniors and encourages them to become and remain social. Senior centers are one of the most accessible, friendly and inexpensive places that offer programs and services that promote active engagement, independent living and enjoyment of life by older adults.

Any senior, 60 years old or older can join their local senior center. Our centers help seniors develop social contacts by meeting and making new friends. Transportation is available to and from the local senior centers. Many seniors visit their center on a daily basis.

SSOBC has 11 senior centers located throughout Belmont County. They include:
Martins Ferry
St. Clairsville

Each center is unique and each offers programs and activities geared towards the interests of that center’s seniors. Center activities can include crafts, bingo, line- dances, health screenings, informational speakers, daily meals, birthday celebrations and much more.

Centers offer daily nutritional meals. Reservations must be made one day in advance. Our hot, nutritious meals are provided in a group social setting Monday through Friday. The meals served at our senior centers not only lets seniors enjoy nutritious meals, but allows them to do so in the company of other seniors. In addition to serving healthy meals, the centers provide seniors with opportunities to hear presentations on topics important to seniors. Seniors can also receive more information about other resources available to them. They can find help with HEAP applications and also sign up for the Golden Buckeye card. A Commodity Supplemental Food Program, a federally funded UDSA food and nutrition service program, is also available.

Many senior centers schedule outings such as nutrition and retail shopping. There are also fun tours like train/boat rides and tours of Amish country, offering our seniors opportunities to shop and visit places they normally would be unable to. SSOBC publishes a monthly newsletter,
“The Golden Times” highlighting a complete schedule of activities and programs for each of the centers.

SSOBC describes the role of senior centers as “a place for older adults to meet for services and activities that reflect their experience and skills, respond to their diverse needs and interests, enhance their dignity, support their independence and encourage their involvement in the center and community.”

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